If you use syringes and other needle sharps, test this exciting new breakthrough in worker safety and see the benefits first-hand.

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For the first time a, safe, reliable and cost-effective needle destruction device is available for commercial grade applications.

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Green Technology

SHARPS TERMINATOR®: Good for humanity

Lowers carbon footprint of your facility
No downstream effects from undisposed needles
Reduces incineration of syringe plastics

The use of the Sharps Terminator® will foster a safer, healthier and more sustainable environment in the community you serve.

Disposal of sharps into landfills and other sites put   
the community at risk. Needlestick injuries are
common at garbage dumps and trash heaps
accessible to children.
Pickup of disposal containers contributes to
unnecessary fuel consumption and release
of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Save the environment while saving lives

The downstream effects of improperly-disposed needles are obvious. The less apparent is the negative environmental impact of current needle disposal technologies. 

  • Current sharps box disposal methods result in the incineration of the plastic parts of the syringe. This plastic is in demand by recycling companies because of the high quality plastic used in medical syringes. Until the Sharps Terminator® invention, there was no cost-effective way to remove the syringe plastic from the sharp. Now there is a way. Approximately 70 – 80% of sharps box volume is typically comprised of plastics. It now makes little sense to continue to incinerate syringe plastic along with metal sharps. 
  • Less sharps box removal also results in less frequent pick-up and replacement trips by heavy trucks.  Less needle waste disposal also results in less wear on plastic sharps boxes that must be disposed of and replaced. 
  • Safety needle technology uses additional plastic parts to attempt to avoid needle injuries.  Since Sharps Terminator® implementation eliminates the need for safety needles, it further reduces the amount of plastic that is incinerated each year.

Sharps Terminator® is a unique product that can upgrade worker safety while simultaneously lowering carbon footprint and reducing waste-disposal incineration.

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