If you use syringes and other needle sharps, test this exciting new breakthrough in worker safety and see the benefits first-hand.

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For the first time a, safe, reliable and cost-effective needle destruction device is available for commercial grade applications.

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Cost saving technology

Safety at SAVINGS

The Sharps Terminator® defies the conventional 
wisdom that advances in worker safety must
entail additional cost or labour.


Whilst most healthcare providers would gladly implement any measure that would improve employee safety and reduce risk of injury and infection, current budgetary constraints put safety at odds with fiscal responsibility.  The Sharps Terminator® was created to eliminate this conflict and provide a safer workplace at a lower price.  Implementation of Sharps Terminator® technology as part of your current sharps safety programme will result in noticeable cost savings each year.


The typical healthcare facility profit & loss statement will evidence numerous costs related to operating its sharps safety programme and dealing with the failures of that programme. Implementation of Sharps Terminator® technology will reduce many of these costs both short and long term:

  • Sharps Container Disposal – A typical filled sharps container will consist mostly (70 – 80%) of the plastic syringe bodies and butterfly needle tubes that are attached to the actual “sharp end”.  The Sharps Terminator® eliminates the sharp end and allows for the disposal of plastics  in the much cheaper “red bag” disposal channel.  The cost differential between sharps box disposal and red bag disposal of plastics will accrue immediately and be ongoing across the life of the device.
  • Eliminates Safety Needle usage – Safety needles cost, on average, 3X the cost of simple traditional syringes.  The one-handed destruction of the needle by the Sharps Terminator® at the point of procedure obviates the need for safety needles (if they were even effective in the first place).  Current users of safety needles can switch to Sharps Terminator® technology and lower costs immediately while optimising worker safety.
  • Reduces testing for needlestick victims – According to the NHS, there are over 400,000 cases of documented needlestick injuries to healthcare workers in the UK each year.  The required testing for infectious disease for needle stick victims typically costs a healthcare provider 2,300€ - 3,300€ per instance.  Immediate destruction of the needle at the point of process will reduce needlesticks and the resulting costs of infectious disease testing for victims.

Needlestick cost data:

Needlestick Injury in 2008 RCN Memorandum submitted by the Safer Needle Network to Select Committee on Public Accounts 2nd May 2003:
“The estimated costs relating to needle stick injury is around 600,000€ per NHS trust per annum.  The estimated total cost of introducing safer devices to prevent needle stick injuries is 163,000€ per NHS Trust per annum.”

Quote from Senior National Officer: Jon Richards UNISON Health Group

“The real argument used against safer needles in the UK is financial. Some safer needles do cost significantly more, but the range of safer needles and their different cost has not been properly understood by purchasers. There has also yet to be a rigorous Cost Benefit Analysis, because of the potential variables - the different risk situations, varying needle prices, costs of testing patients and exposed staff, record keeping, staff cover and replacement costs, compensation and ultimately the costs of treatment. Never mind the trauma that health workers suffer whilst waiting for their results or the pressure on home life that has fractured many a relationship. At the start of our campaign compensation for a "straightforward" downstream injury was around 1,200€ and it is now up to 3,500€-6,000€. The Doctor who developed a needle phobia after a needlestick got 550,000€. How much compensation will a worker infected with HEP C or HIV receive?”

Lower your sharps box disposal volume and costs 

Sample of Needle stick testing costs in the UK

One interesting element of this paper is that it gives some estimates of costs involved in needlestick injuries in the UK (Table 1). The costs in table 1 are based on an E grade nurse and where the source patient is HIV negative or HIV positive. The costs include administrative and staff costs, 30 minute consultations, and drug costs.

Table 1: Costs involved in needlestick injuries

Intervention Cost (€)
No drugs, no starter pack 163
Starter pack, no further drug course 355
Full drugs course, no sickness absence   2579
Full drugs course, sickness absence 4610
Extra one hour counselling session 115
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