If you use syringes and other needle sharps, test this exciting new breakthrough in worker safety and see the benefits first-hand.

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For the first time a, safe, reliable and cost-effective needle destruction device is available for commercial grade applications.

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1. Does the device have CE mark?

Yes, device has the CE mark. It is in compliance with standards and regulations. The certificate is granted subject to the SIQ rules on product certification.

Please visit link: http://www.sharpsterminator.eu/web/index.php/terminator/certificates

2. What is the capacity of the battery?

Capacity of the battery is 6000 mAh, that is enough for burning more than 900 needles (0,45 mm diameter) or up to 180 mixture of needles (0,8-1,2 mm diameter).

3. Is the battery pack rechargeable?

Yes, it takes just two hours to fully charge the battery.

4. Can the Sharps Terminator work when the charger is plugged in?

You can start using the Sharps Terminator 30 minutes after you have initiated the charging process of the battery that was completely empty. Although possible, using the device while it is charging should be avoided.

5. Which type of needles can Sharps Terminator burn?

It can burn needles that are 30-18gauge (0, 3-1, 2 mm) thick and 10 mm to 100 mm long (depending on thickness). For the first use, it is recommended to use sterile needles of your standard type to check the performance of the device.

6. Can this device destroy blades and scalpels?

No, it is made for destruction of needles only.

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