If you use syringes and other needle sharps, test this exciting new breakthrough in worker safety and see the benefits first-hand.

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For the first time a, safe, reliable and cost-effective needle destruction device is available for commercial grade applications.

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Our Mission

Earth-friendly technologies with real-world practicality

The Sharps Terminator® group is committed to providing products that improve the quality of life of customers and all society.

Medical Safety Solutions inventor, Ken Jackson, has a long history of inventing products that improve life on the Planet Earth.  His passion is to increase efficiency and thereby lower the production of pollutants.  Kens previous patents are for technology that improves fuel efficiency in cars and generates electricity from naturally occurring sources.  These inventions have made a positive impact on the environment. 

Medical Safety Solutions CEO, William Schureck has established the charity Needles4Life.  He is committed to making sure that needle safety is made available all over the world, especially for  those that can’t afford help on their own.  Needles4Life will provide donated Sharps Terminators® to poverty stricken areas to help eliminate HIV and other dread diseases spread by used needles and accidental needlesticks.

We follow Medical Safety Solutions lead in conducting business in a way that serves a higher goal than merely profit taking. 

High European Content

The Sharps Terminator® group believes that we should serve the communities in which we sell our products. Over 85% of the component parts in the Sharps Terminator® are produced by European suppliers. You can trust that the Sharps Terminator® has been made in a safe and secure facility in Europe and that our workers are fairly treated and compensated. All workers have the necessary training and safety certification for the tasks that they perform.

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