If you use syringes and other needle sharps, test this exciting new breakthrough in worker safety and see the benefits first-hand.

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For the first time a, safe, reliable and cost-effective needle destruction device is available for commercial grade applications.

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Corporate Responsibility

At The Sharps Terminator Group, we are committed to sustainability and thus to running our business in a way that is ethical, responsible and creates long-term values. Sustainability is an integral part of the way we do business.


Integral part of all our activities

Only financially successful companies can be active in addressing environmental and social concerns. At Sharps Terminator Group we have also realized for a long time that only environmentally and socially responsible companies can achieve sustainable financial success. For us, sustainable development represents a long-term commitment to the needs of current and future generations.

Improving quality of life for medical personal

Our strategy is to develop innovative products that address unmet medical needs and are of real value to society. Our products provide real world solutions that improve the lives of medical practitioners by eliminating unnecessary health risks from the workplace.

Donations & sponsorships

The Sharps Terminator Group focus is on making an impact, rather than gaining broad public recognition. This is the reason why detailed figures on corporate donations are not publicly disclosed. We believe the total financial amounts are neither a useful measure nor predictor of outcomes or impact, and it is difficult in any case to assign a monetary value to knowledge transfers and to product other in-kind donations.

We are monitoring the impacts of our donations. We gauge the success of our philanthropic strategy in the same way we gauge the success of our sustainability practices. The internal data collection, about all our donations helps us identify the most effective ways to describe and measure our social contributions. We have revised our philanthropic donations policy as a result of improved data collection and monitoring.

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