If you use syringes and other needle sharps, test this exciting new breakthrough in worker safety and see the benefits first-hand.

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For the first time a, safe, reliable and cost-effective needle destruction device is available for commercial grade applications.

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Serbia is great to invest in!

21.12.2011. Chicago, USA- Meeting with members of the Serbian-American economic delegation in Chicago, conducted last week, attended by American Ambassador in Serbia Warlick, Serbian Minister of economy Ciric along with the representatives of the group gathered around the Sharps Terminator project, Dragan Negovanovic and Andrew Lapointe , confirmed the possibility of investing in quality production in Serbia.

serbia great

Sharps Terminator is a new product intended for the destruction of used needles, and as an important innovation will be exported from Serbia to America.

One of the partners, Andrew Lapointe said: We sought a strategic partner who had an excellent base in engineering and Serbia turned out to be a very good solution. A team of engineers in Serbia was more successful than others and it wasn’t difficult to decide on investing. Dragan Negovanović, one of my partners, recommend this new product, which has exceptional quality, saves money, is very important for human health and indispensable to many institutions, Lapointe adds.

The product will soon be the standard for destroying needles in Europe and worldwide, and Serbia will be our European center. We have 23 employees in the factory, 10 employees at headquarters, I'm sure that number will triple in the next 18 months. We equipped the factory and open it in a very short time, our partners in Belgrade, made all the necessary preparatory work.

The inventor of the product is Kenneth Jackson from Ohio. Being a great product, it will find a wide application in various fields on protecting human health by prevent the spread of infectious diseases- said Dragan Negovanović.

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